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About Gary Lemberg

Rev. Gary Lemberg brings over forty years of ministry experience to churches across the nation. He pastored for eighteen years and served as Vice President of Development at both North Central University and Global University.

For the past nine years, Lemberg has followed the calling to the church in Cuba. He is leading the effort to establish Global University Cuba for the purpose of training the thousands of pastors needed to lead the churches being raised up in Cuba. For the past several years, he has been focused on building and strengthening the House Church experience in Cuba through the purchase and building of property, for the purpose of planting new churches throughout Cuba.


The heartbeat of the church in Cuba is the House Church. Why? Because most people do not have cars. So they will need to walk or possibly ride a bike to church. The explosive growth of the church in Cuba is built around the House Church model, and it has brought great results. By purchasing a property that can be a permanent place for the church, we are bringing stability to the church in that community. Our goal is to make the church in Cuba a strong example of what God can do to shape a nation.


For those helpless children and people who need it every minitue.